Tuesday, 24 September 2013

New improved chemtrailing showcased over Tayside.

We got to see the new improved 'next generation'  chemtrailing yesterday. The chemicals disperse quicker than conventional chemtrails and the technique was discussed here.  Thanks to Scottish chemtrailer for giving me the link.
You can see the chemtrail expanding almost immediately. Even when there's only a light breeze. The sky will be totally covered in about an hour rather than two or three hours. It seems to involve spraying at a lower altitude and adding more water to the chemicals.
I took some photos of the technique. Click on the pictures to enlarge...

The spraying went on into the evening and reverted to the conventional 'over the horizon'  50 mile chemtrailing compared to the quick dispersal short localised chemtrailing of the afternoon...


  1. Great photo's, it seems you're getting to see the chemtrails above due to having some blue sky, we've had constant cloud cover the last few days but the spraying is still going on above us you can see on my photo's from yesterday.

  2. cheers....we've had a lot of cloud today with some chemfall so I'm not sure what's going on up above the clouds at the moment. Hopefully it will clear up tomorrow and we can see what's going on.


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