Sunday, 20 October 2013

Chemtrailing resumes after end of US Government shutdown.

Chemtrailing is back into top gear again after a slight lull due to the US Government shutdown. Money was found to hire private guards to 'protect' WW2 war memorials in Washington from WW2 veterans and to 'close' the grand canyon but none was forthcoming for the chemtrail spraying. Strange. If 'global warming' was really serious then I'm sure they could have found the money to spray the skies during the fake 'shutdown'.  Obviously chemtrailing has nothing to do with the global warming scam.
The above photo is from South Australia and shows a 'pentagram' chemtrail photographed yesterday. Someone is taking the mickey as usual. Laughing in our faces as they spray us.
The rain stopped here for a few minutes this morning  and the sky cleared slightly to show evidence of the spraying.
Click on the photos to enlarge...

chemical sky
should be blue sky

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